How to Inspect Foreclosures?

Do-It-Yourself Home Inspection that you can do easily!

You need to inspect existing homes and foreclosure properties to make sure that you do not end up with expensive repairs and negotiate a lower price.

DIY home inspection has two primary advantages

  • The defects, missing items, malfunctioning appliances that you find during your inspection will give you justification to get allowances resulting in lower the cost of your purchase; and
  • You can compare properties more in detail leading you to better evaluation of alternative homes and make an “educated” purchase.

Why “foreclosure” home inspection?

From herein after we will use the term of “foreclosure” to cover:

  • Pre-foreclosure homes;
  • Foreclosure homes;
  • Homes sold at auctions; and
  • Probate homes

unless we specifically explain one of them in particular.

“Do-it-Yourself Inspection” to reduce home price

The primary purpose of your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home inspection is to find broken, missing, and not properly functioning items to negotiate a better price, not to substitute the services of a professional home inspector. You should employ the services of a profession home inspector after you decide to buy the property.

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